Forbes: Stop Overlooking Kyiv, Eastern Europe’s Diamond In The Rough

Travel journalist Briana Wilson wrote a column about a tourism in Kyiv for Forbes.

Wilson admitted that Kyiv, as the capital of the warring state, represented journalistic interest for her. But she never wanted to go on a trip to the capital of Ukraine and would not advise to visit Kyiv friends.

“But I was wrong. And it didn’t take much research, or many conversations, to quickly figure that out”.

She wrote about Kyiv’s bars, restaurants and social projects that impressed her. Wilson also said that any tourist could visit Chernobyl or ride a tank.

“It’s great to come and drive their tanks, drink their cocktails and support their artists and local businesses, but you need to put that into perspective to understand the impact that your tourism is having to support this historically economically depressed country” — summing up Breanna.

You can read full article on Forbes website.

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