“Be careful with that axe, Eugene” — the first AKT exhibition opens at the next weekend

On 10th May at the art gallery AKT starts first in 2019 exhibition “Be careful with that axe, Eugene”.

The exhibition is devoted to new challenges of coexistence with oneself and the reality that surrounds every person.

Over the exposition were the new curators of space — Victoria Bavikina and Asya Tsisar. Among the exhibitors: Alevtina Kahidze, Nazar Bilyk, Sergiy Radkevich, Taras Kovach. The artists study the plurality of new ethics in their personal experiences and impressions from the surrounding world.


The exhibition opens at Friday night at 20.00 at Art-zavod Platforma (1 Bilomorska street) and will last from May 10th till June 2nd.

The entrance is free.

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