“Nova Poshta” refuses using foam for packing the parcels

All departments of “Nova Poshta” have rejected the foam as a packing material. Instead, for the packaging of parcels they will use paper, informs the web-site of the company.

Using paper will allow to pack and send packages by 12% faster, says “Nova Poshta”. It also better protects things from damage while transporting.

“We analyzed the best world practices and chose paper of Ukrainian production. It is a cheap, reliable, easy to clean and utilize alternative to conventional fillers “, — reports company.

The paper which will be used to fill the boxes, will be sent for recycling. Also, the new material does not form additional rubbish, unlike foam so the postal offices will be even cleaner and more spacious.

In total, “Nova Poshta” has more than 20 variants of packing and fillers for different types of parcels.

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