Joint roaming area for the Eastern Partnership countries will start to function in 2020

The joint roaming zone for Ukraine and 5 other countries will work in 2020. This was announced by Johannes Baur, the head of aid program of EU to Ukraine “Energy, Environment, Transport Section”.

The roaming zone will work for Ukraine and five other countries of Eastern partnership, which is Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In addition, Baur claimed that all issues with the agreement on a joint roaming space among the countries of the Eastern Partnership with European Union will be resolved the next year. The relevant documents were signed at the end of February this year in Bucharest.

However, as regards the abolition of roaming surcharges in EU countries, their exact date is still unknown, as a lot of preparatory work has to be done.

Also, Baur specified that Ukraine will connect to the only roaming with the EU step by step: first with countries of Eastern Europe, and then with another part.


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